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I'm aiming for the derby! You think that's impossible? Well, I'm gonna go for it no matter what, got it?!

Vodka (ウオッカ, Uokka) [1] is a supporting character in Uma Musume: Pretty Derby.


Vodka is a delinquent horse girl who is determined to live the cool life, no matter where the road of life takes her. Being influenced by her bike-loving father, Vodka grew up to have the same interests and hobbies, always talking about the latest bikes, and shares his same beliefs with a strong conviction. She aims to always look cool and be ready to take on any challenge that life throws her way, in or out the racetrack.

One of the most notable attributes about her is her eternal rivalry with her roommate and fellow Team Spica member, Daiwa Scarlet. The two are like cats and dogs, always bickering and competing against each other to determine who is the best among them. It's almost rare to see them agree on one thing with each other


She has short dark brown hair on the front with tips that curl outwards. Her ponytail has a fade to white in addition to the white patch in her bangs. She wears yellow band on her left ear and an accessory in her hair.


Special Commentary

Uma Musume Real Life
ウオッカ先頭! ついにダービーウマ娘の夢かなう!


ウオッカ先頭だ! なんと!なんと!64年ぶりの夢叶う!



Vodka is leading! Finally, a dream for the Derby horse girl will be granted!

Vodka amazingly overcame!

Vodka is leading! What a surprise, a dream for 64 years will be granted!

Vodka's at the top! A filly amazingly overcame!

Hooray, Vodka! Hirofumi Shii, raised his right hand!

  • Requirement: Winning Japanese Derby by a few lengths to the second
  • Reference: 2007 Japanese Derby by Tsuneo Shiobara (Fuji TV)[2]


  • In Uma Musume, it is difficult to describe Vodka's achievement.


  • Some of her training scenarios in the game reveal that Vodka isn't as messy as some people may view her as. In the christmas scenario, it's revealed that she does all the cooking in her house during the holidays. From her mum's influence, she is also a neat and organised horse girl as well (save for the bike posters in her room, which Daiwa Scarlet complains about).
  • She is one of the only horse girls in the game to refer to herself in with the very masculine pronoun "ore". However, the real life Vodka was a mare. The other horse girl to refer to herself with this pronoun is Tanino Gimlet, who was Vodka's father in real life.

Real Life

It's amazing!
The juvenile queen has reached the top of 3 years old, including colts!
And now, right in front of us, she has achieved the deed of 64 years!
―2007 Japanese Derby, by Tsuneo Shiobara (Fuji TV)[2]

Vodka is a racehorse from the middle of the 2000s. She and Daiwa Scarlet are two of the greatest mares in 2007-Classic generation. During her racing career, she won seven G1 titles; among these accomplishments are the 2007 Japan Derby, in which she became the first filly to win in 64 years.

  • Her owner Yuzo Tanimizu named her a stronger liquor than her father Tanino Gimlet. He wanted her to be "stronger" than him. He did not add his clan/crown name[Note 1] Tanino to her name, so as not to "thin" the meaning of the name.
  • In katakana expression, the liquor vodka can be spelt as either ウォッカ or ウオッカ. The real life Vodka's name was registered as the latter.
  • Her rivalry with Daiwa Scarlet was a real life one. They first went head to head in the 2006 Tulip Sho, where Vodka beat her. They raced against each other in several occasions afterwards.


  1. Crown name shows horse's owner. Tanimizu's is Tanino.