I'm aiming for the derby! You think that's impossible? Well, I'm gonna go for it no matter what, got it?!

Vodka (ウオッカ, Uokka) [1] is a supporting character in Uma Musume: Pretty Derby.

Personality Edit

Vodka is a horse girl with a boyish disposition. She has a mischievous, cheeky and rebellious personality as she always argues about small problems. She absolutely despises being patronized or treated like a child. Even though she’s a bit naive and innocent, she has a pure heart.

Appearance Edit

She has short dark brown hair on the front with tips that curl outwards. Her ponytail has a fade to white in addition to the white patch in her bangs. She wears yellow band on her left ear and an accessory in her hair.

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Starting Gate 03 Edit

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  • The real-life counterpart and namesake of Vodka passed away on April 1st 2019, due to laminitis in her back hooves.
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