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Trainer (トレーナー, Torēnā) is a one of the supporting characters in Uma Musume: Pretty Derby.

Although he is an anime-only character, he plays an important role in the training of Team Spica. He is supposed to represent the player in the mobile game.


Unlike Hana Toujou, he is sloppy at his job and often teases Hana in their rivalry. His careless behavior often results in him getting bullied by his own pupils. Instead of properly instructing his pupils with racing strategies, he trusts them and allow them to run according to their own desire. However, he can be a little strict on their training. Despite his 'unique' and impulsive ways of managing his team, things do go well. He also can be off-putting upon first meet, he tends to feel horse girls's thigh muscles which lead to misunderstandings.


Trainer is a carefree young man with brown messy hair which he keeps it into a short ponytail. He has yellow eyes and consistently seen to be chewing on a lollipop stick.

He wears a yellow shirt and a black unbuttoned waistcoat, along with a pair of long black pants accompanied by a white belt and plum colored leather shoes.