Hehe, it’s me, Teio! Welcome to the top♪
―Tokai Teio

Tokai Teio (トウカイテイオー, Tōkai Teiō) [1] is one of the main protagonist in Uma Musume: Pretty Derby.

She is a lively horse girl who highly admires Symboli Rudolf, fancied to enter Team Rigil and aims for the Japanese Triple Crown. She often hangs out with Team Spica as a non-member. After several events with the team, she reconsidered and joined Team Spica instead.

Personality Edit

Her passion and enthusiasm for racing is nearly unmatched, always up for an challenge and willing to go all out to achieve victory. But she is also very prideful and cheeky at times; as shown she will purposely act depressed so Symboli Rudolf will meet up with her. Although she aims for the best, she would rather be happy than succeed with stress.

Appearance Edit

She is a small-sized horse girl who has long amber brown hair tied in a ponytail with a pink ribbon, she also has a streak of white hair in her bangs which is slightly longer. A amber jewel with two ribbon tails is present on her right ear. Her eye color is sky blue.


Starting Gate 01Edit

Trivia Edit

  • She is well known for her unique way of light-weighted footwork, the "Teio Step".
  • In real life, Teio was sired by Symboli Rudolf. This is most likely why she appeared to be a big fan of the student council president in the anime.

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