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Howdy! If it’s the mile, then it’s no problem! Here we go!
―Taiki Shuttle

Taiki Shuttle (タイキシャトル, Taiki Shatoru) [1] is a supporting character in Uma Musume: Pretty Derby.

She is well known as the fastest short-distance horse girl in Japan.


Taiki Shuttle is a joyful and bright fun-lover who often mixes English phrases into her words. She doesn't like to think about difficult things and mostly acts intuitively. Unrivaled in short distance races, Taiki Shuttle is proud of her abilities.


She is a tall, busty horse girl who has light orange hair with medium length and a pair of long, thin horse ears. Her hair is tied up into a high ponytail with a green star-shaped hair band. She wears a pin with the same shape on the right side of her head. Her eyes are cobalt blue.



Real Life

In 1998, Yasuda Kinen.
The invincible in the heavy rain, Taiki Shuttle.
Possibility makes people excited.
―2011 Yasuda Kinen Commercial, by JRA

Taiki Shuttle is a racehorse in the late 1990s. He had overwhelming speed in mile races. He won five G1s including French one.

  • His name comes from a space shuttle. Taiki Town has many JAXA[2] facilities.
  • In 1997, He won Mile Championship and Sprinters' Stakes in a row. This was the first in JRA.
  • He is the second Japanese-trained horse who won a foreign G1.
    • Just a week before he won, Seeking the Pearl won Prix Maurice de Geest. Few knew she went to France, so fans and Shuttle's stable were surprised.
  • After he retired a broodsire in 2017, he moved to Versailles Resort Farm in Hidaka Town, and lived with Meisho Doto. In 2021, both moved to Nothern Lake in Niikappu Town.


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