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Your social class will not give you an advantage in this world. Victory is the only measure by which you are judged!
―Symboli Rudolf

Symboli Rudolf (シンボリルドルフ, Shinbori Rudorufu) [1] is one of the supporting characters in Uma Musume: Pretty Derby.

Known as the "Emperor," she is one of Japan's leading horse girls. She is a member of Team Rigil and serves as Tracen Academy's student council president.


Symboli Rudolf possesses a calm demeanor and speaks with wisdom. She judges with fairness and cares heavily for the school's image. Despite her strict and resolute stance, she worries a lot for the newly enrolled students and has a strong desire to protect them.


A horse girl full of charm whom admired by many. She has light brown hair that reaches her waist, her hair is darker on the front. A long streak of white hair is swept to the left along with the bangs. She wears an silver earring with a thin jade on her right ear. Her eyes are magenta that always fixed with a soft glare.


Starting Gate 06[]


  • Symboli Rudolf is a Japanese Triple Crown Horse Girl after winning the Satsuki Shō, Japanese Derby, and Kikuka Shō. She shares this accomplishment with Mr. C.B. and Narita Brian. This is based on the achievements of her real-life counterpart in the 1984 Japanese Triple Crown.
  • She loves gags but is horrible at telling jokes, the only thing that Teio doesn't like about her. The only horse girl who seems to enjoy her jokes is Nice Nature.