There is no reason for it. I just want to run.
―Silence Suzuka
Silence Suzuka (サイレンススズカ, Sairensu Suzuka) [1] is one of the main protagonist of Uma Musume: Pretty Derby.

Formerly a member of Team Rigil, she enrolled to Team Spica for a better surrounding that understands her way of running. She is a talented horse girl that hopes to give inspiration to fellow horse girls. Famous for her speed, she is one of the crowd's favorites.

She suffers from a fracture injury caused during the running of Tennoushou. [2] After nine months of recovery, she was able to train along with her teammates again. [3]

After a whole year of absent from races, Suzuka participated the Open Special race. She successfully made her comeback by winning the race with a huge lead.

Personality Edit

Silence Suzuka is described as a calm and silent person. She is a good tactician, making her a difficult opponent to defeat. Despite her quiet and seemingly cold nature, she is quite caring to the ones around her especially Special Week. After joining Team Spica, she finally expressed the happiness that she never had after enrolling to Tracen Academy. However she can be insecure about her speed when her leg was just healed.

Appearance Edit

Despite her incredible speed, she has a petite body. Her hair is orange waist-length and her horse ears are covered with small green caps. She wears a white headband with green stripes and a charm on her right ear. Her eyes are green and looked expressionless most of the time.

Songs Edit

Starting Gate 01 Edit

  • Fanfare for Future!
  • Silent Star

Trivia Edit

  • Silence Suzuka's real-life counterpart was euthanized after sustaining a leg injury during the Autumn Tenno Sho. In the anime, however, she suffered only from a fracture injury.

References Edit

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