After this is the 40km run! Leave it to me~ Whoops, my motivation died!
―Seiun Sky

Seiun Sky (セイウンスカイ, Seiun Sukai) is a supporting character in Uma Musume: Pretty Derby.

Personality Edit

She is a drowsy horse girl who rarely gets serious in most situations. Despite her seeming easygoing personality, she is capable of displaying astounding ability once she gets motivated. Covertly, she is a born trickster, able to trick rival racers during races. However, she is shown slightly stressed at the Tokyo Yūshun

Appearance Edit

She has short powder blue hair and a sunflower hair-pin clipped at her left side of her bangs. She also wear a green cap with cloud patterns and cotton rear on her right ear. Her eyes are blue and somewhat weary most of the times.

Songs Edit

Starting Gate 08 Edit

  • Umapyoi Densetsu
  • 気まぐれTuning Heart ! (Kimagure Turning Heart!)
  • A No Ne