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…I was wondering, would you like to sit together in silence for a spell?
―Rice Shower


The one called “Record-Breaking Black Assassin.” Regardless of her own intentions, she’s become a villain due to the unfortunate circumstances of her childhood, outside her control. Despite that, her personality is honest and pure. Though destiny has played a cruel joke on her, she’s a strong, beautiful girl who fights with all her strength. She’s not good at talking to guys, unless they’re a trainer, who she would think of as a brother.





Real Life

In 1993 Tenno Sho Spring.
A demon was haunted in his extremely firmed body.
He is the stayer who stopped the champion, Mejiro McQueen's third victory in a row.
Is he a villain or a hero, a nightmare or a miracle?
The horse's name is ―― Rice Shower.
―2012 Tenno Sho Spring commercial. by JRA

Rice Shower is a racehorse in the early 1990s. He is known as the "Black Assasin", for stopping Mihono Bourbon's Triple Crown and Mejiro McQueen's third victory of Tenno Sho Spring.

  • He has deep relations to Kyoto Racecourse. Fans say "He loved Yodo, and fell in Yodo."
    • All his G1 wins were in Kyoto.
    • He died of fracture of his leg at 1995 Takarazuka Kinen.
      • In this year, it was held in Kyoto. The Hanshin Earthquake destroyed Hanshin Racecourse, and it was under construction.
    • In 2021, Kyoto Racecourse held "Idol Horse Audition". Rice Shower was placed in 5th, and his stuff dolls were resold.
    • His memorial is in Kyoto Racecourse.
The horse sprinted, and became the spirit of the Blue Ridge.
―The inscription on the memorial