Mrrgh… Sorry, my stomach’s empty. When’s lunch?
―Oguri Cap

Oguri Cap (オグリキャップ, Oguri Kyappu) [1] is a supporting character in Uma Musume: Pretty Derby.

Personality Edit

A country horse girl, she is a gourmand as she is always seen eating large proportions of food. Despite her serious nature, she is quite naive, honest and not often paying much attention to the atmosphere around her. Her dedication is strong when it comes to food and races.

Appearance Edit

She is a horse girl that always has a serious expression on her face. She has long silver hair that ends on her thigh and darker shades of grey on the top of her head. She has long ears and an ahoge. She wears a black and yellow diamond shaped headband and a blue ring with yellow stripe on her right ear.

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