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I have to cross the goal in first place, not second, and definitely not third!
―Nice Nature at her third Arima Kinen

Nice Nature (ナイスネイチャ, Naisuneicha) is a horse girl who races for Team Canopus.


Nice Nature is introduced as the sole member of Team Canopus. She is later joined by Twin Turbo, Ikuno Dictus, and Matikane Tannhauser. Nice Nature is well known for her reliability in getting high placements, although she tends to lose out to stronger horse girls in higher grade races. Her dream is to beat Tokai Teio.


Nice Nature is shown as a mostly unassuming, unambitious, and laidback character, opting not to be overly expressive in most scenarios. She tends to not set people's expectations too high either and acknowledges the fact that she isn't very popular nor one of the strongest horse girls at Tracen Academy. Despite her laidback attitude, she takes racing very seriously. Whether she wins or loses, she doesn't let anything go to her head.

Although not often, when she does express herself, she tends to get embarrassed rather easily.

As a part of Team Canopus, she as seen as its most ordinary member and doesn't have an "interesting" personality trait, unlike the rest of her teammates.


  • Came in third place at the Arima Kinen three years in a row. This earns her the title of "Bronze Collector" which she is not a fan of.
  • In the Uma Musume game, most of her skills are debuffs and interruption skills (red-colored skills) despite her name, which makes her a constant target of memes.