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In the name of the Mejiro family, I will fulfill this dream.
―Mejiro McQueen

Mejiro McQueen (メジロマックイーン, Mejiro Makkuīn) is a supporting character in Uma Musume: Pretty Derby and the secondary main character of its second season.

She is the daughter of the Mejiro family – one of the most famous families in the equine girl world. She joined Team Spica due to Gold Ship's unbearable convincing.


As one of the Mejiro family's pedigrees, she has a strong sense of pride though she is quite gullible and easily convinced. She may initially seem as a blunt and cold person, but she actually cares about others and will offer help when needed.


She is a petite horse girl with bright lavender hair, she has brown tips on her ears and a teal ribbon on her right one. Her eyes are violet and they have white highlights in the center. She seems to consistently look worried.


Special Commentary

Uma Musume Real Life




McQueen, It's McQueen!

Though the same Mejiro, the winner is McQueen!

McQueen, It's McQueen!

Though the same Mejiro, the winner is McQueen!

  • Requirement: Winning Kikka Sho
  • Reference: 1990 Kikka Sho, by Kiyoshi Sugimoto (Kansai TV)


  • At this Kikkas Sho, Mejiro Ryan was the first popularity. On the other hand, McQueen was the first try for a grade race.


  • She won the Tenno Sho like her mother and grandmother did before her, same as real life.
  • She secretly stays on a diet to maintain her body shape for her long distance races.
  • She likes watching movies and baseball. former comes from her name, latter is Mejiro Ryan's influence.
    • Her favorite team is Takes (in UmaYon) or Victories (in the game version). And her favorite player is Yutaka. Sometimes she wears Hanshin Tigers-like uniform.
      • They come from McQueen's main jockey Yutaka Take. He is also a big fan of Tigers.
  • She also like watching movies, after her name. Fans say she often chooses B-movies.

Real Life

In 1991, Tenno Sho Spring.
Mejiro McQueen conquered the race three generations in a row.
Absolute strength sometimes tires people.
―2011 Tenno Sho Spring commercial, by JRA

Mejiro McQueen[2][3] is a racehorse in the early 1990s. He was good at long-distance races. and won four G1s.

  • His name comes from an American Actor Steve McQueen. Mejiro Farm named their 1987-born colts from American celebrities. It was same as Ryan and Palmer.
  • McQueen is the first horse that won Tenno Sho Spring twice in a row.
  • In addition, His sire line won Tenno Sho for three generations in a row. Mejiro Asama, Mejiro Titan, and him[Note 1].
  • His grandchildren, especially Stay Gold's children, won many G1s. Dream Journey, Orfevre, and Gold Ship.


  1. Asama and Titan won Autumn one. In those days, Tenno Sho winners couldn't enter again, and Autumn one was also 3200m.