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In the name of the Mejiro family, I will fulfill this dream.
―Mejiro McQueen

Mejiro McQueen (メジロマックイーン, Mejiro Makkuīn) [1] is a supporting character in Uma Musume: Pretty Derby and the secondary main character of its second season.

She is the daughter of the Mejiro family – one of the most famous families in the equine girl world. She joined Team Spica due to Gold Ship's unbearable convincing.


As one of the Mejiro family's pedigrees, she has a strong sense of pride though she is quite gullible and easily convinced. She may initially seem as a blunt and cold person, but she actually cares about others and will offer help when needed.


She is a petite horse girl with bright lavender hair, she has brown tips on her ears and a teal ribbon on her right one. Her eyes are violet and they have white highlights in the center. She seems to consistently look worried.


Starting Gate 05[]

  • 世界は僕らの言いなりさ (Sekai Wa Bokura No Iinari Sa)
  • Waiting for Tomorrow
  • Umapyoi Densetsu


  • She won the Emperor Award (天皇賞) like her mother and grandmother did before her.
  • She secretly stays on a diet to maintain her body shape for her long distance races.
  • Mejiro McQueen's name comes from Steve McQueen.