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I have a feeling it's going to work this time!
―Matikane Tannhauser

Matikane Tannhauser (マチカネタンホイザ, Machikane Tanhoiza) is a supporting character in Uma Musume: Pretty Derby.


Optimist and friendly, she's like an idol who's loved by everyone. Called "Omachi-chan" in her hometown. However, she feels that she is 'too ordinary', and deems that as a flaw. She works very hard to change her ordinary self for the sake of her friends.


She has chestnut hair with a hat worn diagonally over her right ear. Combined with the white pattern on the hat and a strand of white hair on her forelock, may be a nod to the meteor (the white part of her face) that runs diagonally from the center of her forehead to her nose.

Her style is that of German folk costumes, in keeping with the origin of her name. Her corset, ribbon, and socks are red, her mini-flared skirt, tie, and hat are blue, and her shirt and skirt are white with jockey shorts underneath.



  • In the anime, there is a scene where she gets a nosebleed from an unfortunate accident. This comes from an episode below.
  • She makes holes in her own caps to hook in her right ear.

Real life

Matikanetannhauser is a racehorse in the early 1990s. He could not win any G1s, but ran manifold grade races. He often finished within 5th places, and earned rewards little by little. He got over 500 million yen in his life. That was the most in Northern Taste's children. Fans call him one of the greatest supporting players as well as Nice Nature,

In 1991 (2 years old)

He made a debut in 1991. After 2 wins, He entered Asahi Hai 3-year-old Stakes[1] (G1). He lost to Mihono Bourbon and finished in the 4th.

In 1992 (3 years old)

At Spring Stakes (G2), he finished in 5th and lost to Bourbon again. At the race, Bourbon, Rice Shower and Sakura Bakushin O ran, too. Accepting the result, Tannhauser, Bourbon and Rice chose Classic Triple Crown courses, and Bakushin O gave up those to go sprint races.

At Satsuki Sho and Japanese Derby, Tannhauser lost to Bourbon. At Kikka Sho, he once overtook Bourbon at final streatch. but Bourbon did again. The result was Rice Shower's 3rd.

In 1993 (4 years old)

He won Diamond Stakes (G2) with a new record. At Meguro Kinen (G2), he defeated Rice Shower.

At Spring Tenno Sho (G1), Rice Shower got stronger and stopped Mejiro McQueen's thrice victrory in a row. Tannhauser fought well but lost in 4th.

After that, he won May Stakes (OP), and Fuji Stakes (OP[2]). At Arima Kinen (G1), he witnessed Tokai Teio's "Miraculous Revival" and finished in 4th.

In 1994 (5 years old)

He won America Jockey Club Cup (G2). However, after that Tannhauser couldn't win any races in the year.

At Japan Cup (G1), he got a nosebleed and cancelled the race. At Arima Kinen, he got hives and cancelled again.

In 1995 (6 years old)

He caught a phlegmone and rested in the spring.

He restarted at Takamatsunomiya Hai (G2[3]). He overtook Hishi Amazon and won of one and a half years. After the victory, he couldn't win and retired at the end of the year.

After retirement

He became a broodsire, and have 45 children. but all of them couldn't be grade-race winners.

In 2006, he retired a broodsire and moved to Machikane Farm. In 2010, he moved again to Kosuta Farm and met Matikanefukukitaru for the first time. He got along with Fukukitaru for the rest of his life.

In 2013, he died of a colic at the age of 24.

  • His name Tannhäuser comes from a Richard Wagner's opera. Machikane (Matikane) is a crown name[4], that comes from Mt. Machikane near present Osaka University.
  • His name is bound international and Japanese-local horse naming rules. Racehorses' names must be up to 18 letters in English, including spaces. In Japan Studbook rule, horse name is restricted to 9 letters in katakana. In addition, punctuations and diacritical marks are not allowed.
    • チ spells chi in Hepburn romanization, and ti in cabinet-ordered romanization. His owner chose latter system and shortened his horse's name by one letter.
    • Moreover, he omitted a space to shorten by one more letter. Tannhauser's name became just 18 letters.
    • Tannhäuser should be タンホイザー in normal katakana expression. prolonged sound mark was omitted to limit within 9 letters.
  • In 1993-1994, he got various sickness. Fans nicknamed him "The department store of sickness".
  • Matikane Tannhauser was a charming and unique horse, but he was also very difficult to ride.


  1. Present Asahi Hai Futurity Stakes. In Japan, horse age was counted as one in birth year until 1999. Of course, Tannhauser was two years old then in international horse age counting rule.
  2. now G3
  3. Present Takamatsunomiya Kinen (G1). It is now spring 1200m G1 race, but at the time, it was summer 2000m G2.
  4. Crown name is a common phrase in Japanese horse name, that shows the horse's owner. Same as Narita, Mejiro, Agnes, etc.