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I have a feeling it's going to work this time!
―Matikane Tannhauser

Matikane Tannhauser (マチカネタンホイザ, Machikane Tanhoiza) is a supporting character in Uma Musume: Pretty Derby.


Optimist and friendly, she's like an idol who's loved by everyone. Called "Omachi-chan" in her hometown. However, she feels that she is 'too ordinary', and deems that as a flaw. She works very hard to change her ordinary self for the sake of her friends.


She has chestnut hair with a hat worn diagonally over her right ear. Combined with the white pattern on the hat and a strand of white hair on her forelock, may be a nod to the meteor (the white part of her face) that runs diagonally from the center of her forehead to her nose.

Her style is that of German folk costumes, in keeping with the origin of her name. Her corset, ribbon, and socks are red, her mini-flared skirt, tie, and hat are blue, and her shirt and skirt are white with jockey shorts underneath.


  • Her (and "his") real name has no space for the same reason as Matikanefukukitaru.
  • In the anime, there is a scene where she gets a nosebleed from an unfortunate accident. This comes from an episode where Matikane Tannhauser actually had a nosebleed and was canceled from 1994 Japan Cup.
  • Matikane Tannhauser was a charming and unique horse, but he was also very difficult to ride.