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Trainer, you seem like you'd be fun to tease... Hehe♪

Maruzensky (マルゼンスキー, Maruzensukī) is a supporting character in Uma Musume: Pretty Derby.


Maruzensky is a cool, serene girl. She is like a 'big sister' figure to others and a role model for younger horse girls. Regardless of her charming character, she has an interest in car-racing activities.


She is a busty brunette with long, curly hair that is tied with a black ribbon on the back. She also has a blue ribbon tied to her right ear that matches her calming blue eyes.



  • She belongs to a famous horse girl clan in the United Kingdom because of her overwhelming speed.
  • She is only horse girl that ran in the 1970s. She talks with old-fashioned words from the 60s-90s.
  • Almost all Tracen Academy students must be in dormitories, but she alone is the exception. She lives alone.
  • As for now, 6 horse girls are real-life descendants of Maruzensky. That's the highest number among all Uma Musume characters.
  • In the game version, some of her races are based on real-life episodes.
    • At Spring Stakes, only 5 runners enter. 1976 Fuchu 3-year-old Stakes became so to avoid fighting him and taking timeover penalty.
    • At Japanese Derby, Maruzensky always get placed in #18 gate, In real life, Maruzensky couldn't enter there because of foreign-bred restrict at that time. So his jockey said "Let him run the Derby even if he is the outermost gate."

Real Life

Maruzensky was a racehorse in the 1970s. His speed was called "The Supercar", however, a foreign-bred horse restriction at that time prevented him from running in big races.

  • Maruzensky's mother Shill was imported from US being pregnant with him. He was foaled in Japan. Nowadays such horses are counted as Japanese-bred, but in 1971-1983, they are treated as foreign-bred horses. Maruzensky was most bound by the rule.
  • Foreign-bred horses couldn't enter the Classics[1] and both Tenno Sho[2]. Maruzensky could enter only Arima Kinen in 8 major races, but he retired before the day came.
  • Miho Training Center was opened in 1978, after Maruzensky retired. He belonged to Shigehiko Hongo stable in Tokyo racecourse. So horse girl Maruzensky does not belong to any dormitories.
  • Horse girl Maruzensky's voice actor Lynn loves horseracing. She bet on his descendant Lei Papale at 2021 Osaka Hai and won the trifecta, x106.2 odds.


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