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The first and foremost is management. This will reduce the risk of injury
―Ikuno Dictus

Ikuno Dictus (イクノディクタス, Ikuno Dikutasu) is a supporting character in Uma Musume: Pretty Derby.


A punctual logician. Having had troubles with her legs during childhood, her goal now is to keep earning wins in races safely. Her ability to sense her own breaking point extends to others; she will not leave those whom she thinks are overexerting themselves be.



Real Life

Ikuno Dictus is a racehorse in 1990s. Her life represents Japanese aphorism "Having good health is the good horse". Although she won any G1s, she has strong body and ran 51 races lifetime without serious injuries. She earned 500 million yen the first time in mares.

  • It was said Mejiro McQueen loves her. Actually, They have a child Kisoji Queen.
  • She has many nicknames.
    • The Iron Woman――after UK prime minister Margaret Thatcher.
    • The Lady of Summer――Most of her wins were in summer.
    • Ikuno Neesan――She lived long, until 32.