Huhh, you think you can beat me? You’ve got my attention, so bring it on!
―Hishi Amazon
Hishi Amazon (ヒシアマゾン, Hishiamazon) is a supporting character in Uma Musume: Pretty Derby.

She is a member of Team Rigil.

Personality Edit

Despite her feral appearance, she has astounding running abilities. She protects the weak and crush their oppressors, just like a heroic delinquent back in the old days. She hates people with bad intentions more than anything, she only follows her own set of rules and beliefs. Other than her coarse and ferocious behavior, she is caring and trusting, truly just a pure-hearted girl.

Appearance Edit

She is has tan skin, amber eyes and long azure hair that reached her knees. Additionally, a few strands of hair spike out from her head. She wears a small white clip and a red tiger stripe band. She also has a cuspid tooth.

Songs Edit

Starting Gate 04 Edit


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