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Ufufu~ I’m really excited for the next race~! Isn’t it exhilarating?
―Grass Wonder

Grass Wonder (グラスワンダー, Gurasu Wandā) [1] is a supporting character in Uma Musume: Pretty Derby.

Formerly one of the great horse girls on track, she took a ten-months break due to an unfortunate leg injury. Now, she has returned fully healed.

After winning the Takarazuka Kinen, she is disappointed in Special Week due to her lack of focus on the race as she expected something from a horse girl who won many recently. Later on, they raced again and went all in which made her glad and satisfied.


Grass Wonder is a mindful girl who manifests a courteous demeanor. Although she was born in an American family, she is fluent in Japanese and soft-spoken. She is well known as a good counselor who helps everyone carefully and cares deeply for others. She may be insecure about running sometimes due to her leg injury, but it never stops her from training, in hopes of performing as she had before her injury.


A humble girl with tawny waist-length hair with a white spot right above her bangs. She attires a badge with two tails under her right ear. Her eyes are blue and she always warms other with her kind, gentle smile.


Starting Gate 04[]