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What an intriguing game for me to win. Don’t feel bad, okay? My adorable pony-chan!
―Fuji Kiseki

Fuji Kiseki (フジキセキ, Fujikiseki) is a supporting character in Uma Musume: Pretty Derby.

She belongs to the infamous family "Double S Dynasty". She often roams around the student dorm to help out.


Fuji Kiseki is known to be quite suave in her words and mannerisms, and is said to be quite handsome. At first glance, she is a dependable and straightforward horse girl. However, she is known to pull harmless jokes and own intimate relationships with people. She refers her female admirers as 'Pony-chan' which seemingly strikes a cupid arrow at them, making them fall in love with her.


With short raven hair and charming blue eyes, she bares a masculine figure. Her hair is stated to resemble "A Single Shining Star in the Night" by some.

She also has a strand of white hair in the midst of her bangs. For accessories, two golden earrings and a golden circlet with a small blue jewel can be seen on her right ear.



  • She is featured in 2019 Victoria Mile artwork of the official Twitter. The reason is in below.
  • In Eishin Flash and Tosen Jordan's scenario, she runs at Arima Kinen. It is a substitution of "his" son, Danon Chantilly.

Real Life

Hokkai Rousseau from outside!
It's showdown!
But Fuji Kiseki doesn't yield! But he doesn't lose!
This is the strength! Fuji Kiseki's strength!
―1995 Yayoi Sho, by Masaharu Miyake

Fuji Kiseki is a racehorse in the middle of 1990s. He is one of Sunday Silence's first year foals and has overwhelming racing ability. Unfortunately, he got bowed tendon and could run only four races.

However, after that Sunday Silence's children won G1s continuously, and he became popular as a broodsire. Fuji Kiseki worked as an alternative or succeeding broodsire of his father.

He sired 11 G1 winners in both Japan and Australia.

  • He was one of "shuttle broodsire". He mated in Japan in the spring, and in Australia in the autumn.
    • One of his Australian-bred child Kinshasa no Kiseki came to Japan. so his birthmonth is September.
  • In addition, HIs son Sadamu Patek was exported to Korea. His pedigree spreads to the Pacific.
  • Many of his children are miler. Also in Uma Musume, his status are specialized in mile to mid-distance, and difficult to win Triple Crown.
  • He sired three Victoria Mile winners, Koiuta (2007), Asian Winds (2008), and Straight Girl (2015-2016).
  • One of his daughter Chouchou Brise participates in "Real Derby Stallion" project by Niconico. You can see his grandchildren since their birth, name, and cheer them up in every race online. One of them Coeur Forte is running in Oi now, and Moment Catch is going to make a debut in 2022. There are two more children.