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To all of my fans, and most of all my trainer, I shall take a bow… to show you my utmost gratitude!
―Eishin Flash


An international student who was born and raised in Germany. She has quite a diligent and methodical personality. She adheres to her schedule down to the second, makes sure to prepare for appointments 3 hours in advance, and is capable of creating and following the most complex of schedules. Also, she has a strong sense of moral obligation, always returns favors, and will keep a promise until death. Her hobby is making sweets from her German hometown. She completes recipes with less than a 1g error.


Special Commentary

Uma Musume Real Life




The Derby horse girl, Eishin Flash!

She shone here, in Fuchu again!

The Derby horse, Eishin Flash!

He shone here, in Fuchu again!

  • Requirement: Winning Tenno Sho Autumn, after wininng Japanese Derby
  • Reference: 2012 Tenno Sho Autumn, by Yoji Funayama (Radio NIKKEI)[1]


  • She is an amazing storyteller
  • Eishin Flash's mother is German-bred in real life. This fact is referred to her maid-like outfit and her parents in Uma Musume.
  • On the paddock or when she wins a G1, She bows or kneels. This comes from real-life counterpart at the Tenno Sho Autumn.

Real Life

What a surprise! The third placer in Satsuki Sho, whip for counterattack!
Hiroyuki Uchida and Eishin Flash!
―2010 Japanese Derby by Tsuneo Shiobara (Fuji TV)

Eishin Flash is a racehorse in the early 2010s. He has amazing last run and won two G1s.

  • At 2012 Tenno Sho Autumn, he won for the first time in 2 years and 5 months. His jockey Mirco Demuro got off Flash and knelt to the Emperor Akihito and the Empress Michiko, who saw the race.
    • In JRA rule, jockeys must not get off their horses until weighing, to prevent from unfairness. Mirco's behavior was under discussion formally, but he didn't take any penalties.
  • Eishin Flash always looked so great on the paddock that It was hard to judge whether he went well. So he was nicknamed as "Body Fraud".
  • His son Onyankopon won 2022 Keisei Hai, two generations in a row. this victory was also the first grade race that Eishin Flash's children won.



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