Broye [1] is a supporting character in Uma Musume: Pretty Derby.

Known as one of Europe's leading horse girls, her nationality is France. She is a high standard horse girl who is loved around the globe. With stunning abilities, she brings shock to the audiences. During her test running in the racecourse in Japan, her speed had broken Symboli Rudolf's time record.

However she came in second in Japan's Cup as she lost to Special Week.

Personality Edit

She bears a cool, confident personality and strikes an interest in competing against Japanese horse girls. She seems to underestimate her opponents easily due to her strong confidence in her strength. She only speaks French as she is from France.

Appearance Edit

An attractive blond horse girl with curly hair that passes her shoulders. Her figure is slightly bigger and more muscular compared to the Japanese horse girls. Her eyes are blue and she also wears a red lipstick.

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