You’re the trainer? Well in that case, show me what you’ve got!
―Air Groove
Air Groove (エアグルーヴ, Ea Gurūvu) is a supporting character in Uma Musume: Pretty Derby.

Because of her top class abilities, she is praised with the title "Empress," a horse girl that can accomplish anything perfectly.

Personality Edit

Air Groove is a horse girl that has excellent looks and grades, and maintains a pride that is fittingly equal to her abilities. She has a bit of a thorny arrogance but it’s only because of her great sincerity and respect for racing. Only those who are victorious may catch a glimpse of some compassion or kindness from her.

She bares an uncompromising hatred to men because of something unfortunate that happened in one of her past races.

Appearance Edit

Like a flower blooming on a high mountain ridge, only to be seen from far away and cannot be touched [1]. She is said to be a horse girl with attractive looks.

She has short black hair and azure eyes with red eye shadows. For accessories, she has a small yellow bow with miniature chains connected to the back of her left ear.

Songs Edit

Starting Gate 06 Edit

  • 大好きのタカラバコ (Daisuki No Takarabako)
  • Umapyoi Densetsu

References Edit

  1. "まさしく高嶺の華。" Referenced from her official Japanese introduction